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Welcome to Blazes Wish.     12 year old Blaze Trumble has been helping the Las Vegas area Homeless community for  8 years.  At age 5 Blazes Mom asked him " What do you want for your Birthday Wish?", His reply was that he wanted to help The Homeless. With the help of  his family, friends and community, Blaze collected 286 blankets. He and other volunteers passed them out to people in need at The Las Vegas Rescue Mission the day before Thanksgiving in 2008.  On his 2nd year, Blaze and his family decided to also ask for jackets as well. Many people had asked if any were available. 609 blankets and jackets were donated in 2009.  In 2013 and 2014 Donations exceeded 900 per year. 

In addition to helping others, Blaze loves to play Baseball..  If you can help his cause, please do. Chances are you will feel as good as the recipient of your donation!.  Donations can be new or clean, gently used. 

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